Articles 2015

Articles 2015

Articles à comité de lecture publiés par l'équipe "Rendement sous Contrainte Abiotique" en 2015

Boulard C., Bardet M., Chardot T., Dubreucq B., Gromova M., Guillermo A., Miquel M., Nesi N., Yen-Nicolaÿ S. & Jolivet P. (2015). The structural organization of seed oil bodies could explain the contrasted oil extractability observed in two rapeseed genotypes. Planta, 242(1): 53-68. DOI

Chiron H., Wilmer J., Lucas M.O., Nesi N., Delseny M., Devic M. & Roscoe T.J. (2015). Regulation of FATTY ACID ELONGATION1 expression in embryonic and vascular tissues of Brassica napus. Plant Molecular Biology, 88(1-2): 65-83. DOI

Faës P., Deleu C., Aïnouche A., Le Cahérec F., Montes E., Clouet V., Gouraud A.M., Albert B., Orsel M., Lassalle G., Leport L., Bouchereau A. & Niogret M.F. (2015). Molecular evolution and transcriptional regulation of the oilseed rape proline dehydrogenase genes suggest distinct roles of proline catabolism during development. Planta, 241(2): 403-419. DOI

Faes P., Niogret M.F., Montes E., Le Caherec F., Bouchereau A. & Deleu C. (2015). Transcriptional profiling of genes encoding GABA-transaminases in Brassica napus reveals their regulation by water deficit. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 116: 20-31. DOI

Gironde A., Etienne P., Trouverie J., Bouchereau A., Le Caherec F., Leport L., Orsel M., Niogret M.F., Nesi N., Deleu C., Soulay F., Masclaux-Daubresse C. & Avice J.C. (2015). The contrasting N management of two oilseed rape genotypes reveals the mechanisms of proteolysis associated with leaf N remobilization and the respective contributions of leaves and stems to N storage and remobilization during seed filling. Bmc plant biology, 15. DOI

Gironde A., Poret M., Etienne P., Trouverie J., Bouchereau A., Le Caherec F., Leport L., Orsel M., Niogret M.F., Deleu C. & Avice J.C. (2015). A profiling approach of the natural variability of foliar N remobilization at the rosette stage gives clues to understand the limiting processes involved in the low N use efficiency of winter oilseed rape. Journal of Experimental Botany, 66(9): 2461-2473. DOI

Missihoun T.D., Willé E., Guegan J.P., Berardocco S., Shafiq M.R., Bouchereau A. & Bartels D. (2015). Overexpressing of ALDH10A8 And ALDH10A9 Genes Gives Insight Into Their Role In Glycine Betaine Synthesis And Affects The Primary Metabolism In Arabidopsis Thaliana Plant and Cell Physiology on line. DOI

Slama I., Abdelly C., Bouchereau A., Flowers T. & Savouré A. (2015). Diversity, distribution and roles of osmoprotective compounds accumulated in halophytes under abiotic stress. Annals of Botany, 115(3): 433-447. DOI

Sorin C., Musse M., Mariette F., Bouchereau A. & Leport L. (2015). Assessment of nutrient remobilization through structural changes of palisade and spongy parenchyma in oilseed rape leaves during senescence. Planta, 241(2): 333-346. DOI

Thouvenot L., Deleu C., Berardocco S., Haury J. & Thiébaut G. (2015). Characterization of the salt stress vulnerability of three invasive freshwater plant species using a metabolic profiling approach. Journal of plant physiology, 175: 113-121. DOI

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