European Training Network (ETN): IGNITE

Comparative genomics of non-model invertebrates


  • 4-years project (started april 2018)
  • Coordinator: Prof Gert Woerheide (LMU, Munich, Germany), with 15 partners
  • Contact :

Invertebrates, i.e., animals without a backbone, represent 95% of animal diversity on earth but are a surprisingly underexplored reservoir of genetic resources. The content and architecture of their genomes remain poorly known or understood, but such knowledge is needed to fully appreciate their evolutionary, ecological and socio- economic importance, as well as to leverage the benefits they can provide to human well-being, for example as a source for novel drugs and biomimetic materials. Europe is home to significant world-leading expertise in invertebrate genomics but research and training efforts are as yet uncoordinated. IGNITE will bundle this European excellence to train a new generation of scientists skilled in all aspects of invertebrate genomics. We will considerably enhance animal genome knowledge by generating and analysing novel data from undersampled invertebrate lineages and developing innovative new tools for high-quality genome assembly and analysis. Well-trained genomicists are in increasing demand in universities, research institutions, as well as in software, biomedical, and pharmaceutical companies. Through their excellent interdisciplinary and intersectoral training spanning from biology and geobiology to bioinformatics and computer science, our graduates will be in a prime position to take up leadership roles in both academia and industry in order 

Our group home one of the 15 PhD student of IGNITE, on the assembly of heterozygous aphid genomes, in collaboration with Genscale team of Inria Rennes (Pierre Peterlongo).



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