SMaCH K-masstec, action PRESUME

SMaCH K-masstec, action PRESUME

  • 5 years programme (2012-2016)
  • Coordinator: Marie Hélène Balesdent - UR1290 BIOGER-CPP. For IGEPP, Lydia Bousset.
  • Contact:


The K-masstec project aims to demonstrate that the knowledge issued from the understanding of the molecular interaction between distinct avirulence genes, and mainly the discovery of nonconventional gene-for-gene interactions, can be used to develop efficient strategies for the deployment of genetic resistance ® in the field. For this objective, the project gathers partners from four INRAE departments and one technical institute, with complementary expertises in epidemiology, molecular plant pathology, plant genetics, agronomy, and mathematical modelling. It also integrates approaches at different scales: gene, genotype, populations, field. The model chosen is the economically important Leptosphaeria maculans/oilseed rape system. During this 4-years project, we will dissect the molecular bases of a non conventional interaction, evaluate different resistance management strategies for this particular type of interaction using models, assess these strategies in controlled-conditions, experimental and farmer fields, and acquire information on the fitness cost linked with the breakdown of corresponding R genes. Novel knowledge and resources have been recently developed by the partners of K-masstec on this pathosystem (avirulence gene cloning and mechanisms of R breakdown, field evaluation of R gene durability, dissection of specific vs. adult stage resistance, genotype construction, link between agronomic practices and R gene breakdown, development of a simulator model for integrated population management). The strengths gathered also ensure efficient setting up and survey of field experiments in three distinct locations.

Mots clé : Molecular interaction; modelling, fitness cost, Strategies for resistance deployment, avirulence

Partenariat :

Bioger Biologie et Gestion des Risques en Agriculture UMR 1290
IGEPP Institut de Génétique, Environnement et Protection des Plantes UMR 1349
Agronomie Laboratoire Agronomie UMR 211
MIAJ Unité de recherche Mathématiques et Informatique Appliquées UR 341
Cetiom (Centre technique interprofessionnel des oléagineux)

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