Articles 2014

Articles 2014

Articles à comité de lecture publiés par l'équipe "Rendement sous Contrainte Abiotique" en 2014

Bouchet, Nesi N., Bissuel C., Bregeon M., Lariepe A., Navier H., Ribière N., Orsel M., Grezes-Besset B., Renard M. & Laperche A. (2014). Genetic control of yield and yield components in winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) grown under nitrogen limitation. Euphytica, 199(1-2): 183-205. DOI

Gaudin Z., Cerveau D., Marnet N., Bouchereau A., Delavault P., Simier P. & Pouyreau J.B. (2014). Robust Method for Investigating Nitrogen Metabolism of N-15 Labeled Amino Acids Using AccQ center dot Tag Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography-Photodiode Array-Electrospray Ionization-Mass Spectrometry: Application to a Parasitic Plant-Plant Interaction. Analytical Chemistry, 86(2): 1138-1145. DOI

Hatzig S., Zaharia L.I., Abrams S., Hohmann M., Legoahec L., Bouchereau A., Nesi N. & Snowdon R.J. (2014). Early osmotic adjustment responses in drought-resistant and drought-sensitive oilseed rape. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 56(8): 797-809. DOI

Hidalgo K., Mouline K., Mamai W., Foucreau N., Dabire K., Bouchereau A., Simard F. & Renault D. (2014). Novel insights into the metabolic and biochemical underpinnings assisting dry-season survival in female malaria mosquitoes of the Anopheles gambiae complex. Journal of Insect Physiology, 70: 102-116. DOI

Orsel M., Moison M., Clouet V., Thomas J., Leprince F., Canoy A.S., Just J., Chalhoub B. & Masclaux-Daubresse C. (2014). Sixteen cytosolic glutamine synthetase genes identified in the Brassica napus L. genome are differentially regulated depending on nitrogen regimes and leaf senescence. Journal of Experimental Botany, 65(14): 3927-3947. DOI

Sarda X., Diquelous S., Abdallah M., Nesi N., Cantat O., Le Gouee P., Avice J.C. & Ourry A. (2014). Assessment of sulphur deficiency in commercial oilseed rape crops from plant analysis. The Journal of Agricultural Science, 152(4): 616-633. DOI

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