Articles 2013

Articles 2013

Articles à comité de lecture publiés par l'équipe "Rendement sous Contrainte Abiotique" en 2013

Deleu C., Faes P., Niogret M.F. & Bouchereau A. (2013). Effects of the inhibitor of the γ-aminobutyrate-transaminase, vinyl-γ-aminobutyrate, on development and nitrogen metabolism in Brassica napus seedlings. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 64(0): 60-69. DOI

Hidalgo K., Laparie M., Bical R., Larvor V., Bouchereau A., Siaussat D. & Renault D. (2013). Metabolic fingerprinting of the responses to salinity in the invasive ground beetle Merizodus soledadinus at the Kerguelen Islands. Journal of Insect Physiology, 59(1): 91-100. DOI

Jolivet P., Acevedo F., Boulard C., d'Andréa S., Faure J.D., Kohli A., Nesi N., Valot B. & Chardot T. (2013). Crop seed oil bodies: From challenges in protein identification to an emerging picture of the oil body proteome. Proteomics, 13(12-13): 1836-1849. DOI

Jolivet P., Deruyffelaere C., Boulard C., Quinsac A., Savoire R., Nesi N. & Chardot T. (2013). Deciphering the structural organization of the oil bodies in the Brassica napus seed as a mean to improve the oil extraction yield. Industrial Crops and Products, 44(0): 549-557. DOI

Larher F.R., Gagneul D., Niogret M.F., Emery N., Monnier C., Maerskalck V., Quillien G., Lefort C., Plasman M., Bouchard F. & Bouchereau A. (2013). Potentiation of proline accumulation in oilseed rape leaf discs exogenously supplied with combinations of PEG and cryoprotective agents is associated with overproduction of ABA. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 87(0): 167-178. DOI

Le Ny F., Leblanc A., Beauclair P., Deleu C. & Le Deunff E. (2013). In low transpiring conditions, nitrate and water fluxes for growth of B. napus plantlets correlate with changes in BnNrt2.1 and BnNrt1.1 nitrate transporter expression. Plant Signaling & Behavior, 8(2): e22902.

Leblanc A., Segura R., Deleu C. & Le Deunff E. (2013). In low transpiring conditions, uncoupling the BnNrt2.1 and BnNrt1.1 NO3 transporters by glutamate treatment reveals the essential role of BnNRT2.1 for nitrate uptake and the nitrate-signaling cascade during growth. Plant Signaling & Behavior, 8(2): e22904.

Lemaire L., Deleu C. & Le Deunff E. (2013). Modulation of ethylene biosynthesis by ACC and AIB reveals a structural and functional relationship between the K15NO3 uptake rate and root absorbing surfaces. Journal of Experimental Botany, 64(10): 2725-2737. DOI

Musse M., De Franceschi L., Cambert M., Sorin C., Le Caherec F., Burel A., Bouchereau A., Mariette F. & Leport L. (2013). Structural Changes in Senescing Oilseed Rape Leaves at Tissue and Subcellular Levels Monitored by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry through Water Status. Plant Physiology, 163(1): 392-406. DOI

Renault H., El Amrani A., Berger A., Mouille G., Soubigou-Taconnat L., Bouchereau A. & Deleu C. (2013). γ-Aminobutyric acid transaminase deficiency impairs central carbon metabolism and leads to cell wall defects during salt stress in Arabidopsis roots. Plant, Cell & Environment, 36(5): 1009-1018. DOI

Sarda X., Diquelous S., Abdallah M., Nesi N., Cantat O., Le Gouee P., Avice J.C. & Ourry A. (2013). Assessment of sulphur deficiency in commercial oilseed rape crops from plant analysis. The Journal of Agricultural Science, on line: 1-18. DOI

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